The development of our company is the result of large investments made in the training of our staff made up of about thirty qualified, young and active people who have a very good knowledge of their environment and in the continuous modernization of computer systems to better respond to the demands of our customers and potential customers which are becoming more and more diverse and specific.

LMTO, as a General Agent and Port Agent, intervenes in the activities of transit, land transport of goods, storage of goods, bonded park, bunkering, and refueling of ships. the management of containers, refrigerated goods, bulk goods, heavy packages and both ships in regular lines and in tramping (homogeneous cargoes).


Our quality management system and the continuous improvement of our efficiency in the maritime, logistics and port services sector, allows us to meet the regulatory and legal requirements of the shipowner’s needs, mainly the proper monitoring of all shipping operations. Our team is in charge of dealing with downstream files, carrying out reports with the situation of cargo and vessels, inspection procedures, loading of goods and equipment. We are reachable and ready to intervene on time, equipped with the most modern technological means in order to provide full support as soon as possible.


We provide our shipper and receiver customers with our educational resources, based on modern technology and the know-how of our multidisciplinary team in order to be able to support them in all of the services provided to port and customs authorities, transport , and International transit. Our company has been able to set up a very good security system to ensure the smooth running of events and avoid any danger for the crew, the ship, the captain, or the owner, which has earned it reliability at the near public and private receivers and internationally renowned shipowners such as: (Oldendorff carriers, CARGILL INTERNATIONAL, D / S Norden, ect ..)