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Whether before the ship arrives or when it disembarks, LMTO insists that operations run smoothly and act in the interests of the ship, its owner, its captain, and of course its crew by putting available all the human and material resources necessary and acts through the services offered in the various activities of the maritime and port domain.

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LMTO ensures the security and efficiency of the transit system through well-designed guarantee systems that cover the payment of import duties, taxes and other charges essential for the free movement of goods in transit without changing their condition or their quantity.

Regular line & Tramping

We offer much more than just a shipping service, We have also developed a complete infrastructure of regular line services and tramping agencies that allow us to offer complete tailor-made solutions tailored to your needs.


As a ship agent, we are mandated by a Shipowner or a ship charterer to assist throughout his stay in the port, we take care of all the administrative handling of registration, preparation of documents customs consignment and maritime transport, The conclusion of handling, towing and piloting contracts with local authorities, with forwarders shippers and receivers.


Services for Ships & Crew

We offer our customers various services during their stay at the ports

BROKERAGE & customs

We also ensure the interests of our clients commercially and financially and take all commercial measures, LMTO’s objective is to ensure that the overall operations of the vessel are fast and as inexpensive as possible to meet demand of our customers and meet the specific needs and adapted to all types of goods.




Our company offers its customers a full range of logistics services covering the following functions: • B to B. • Customs and transport commission. • Consignment of ships and goods • Summary Declarations - Cargo Manifestos. • Handling. • Lashing. • Chartering of heavy lifters vessels. • Indoor distribution. • Bonded and self-storage. • Packaging, distribution and transport. • Stock management for third parties. • Receive empty containers at the yard for storage• Transfer and embarkation of empty containers. • Specialized internal distribution by truck. • Customs and tax assistance. • Port Harbor master's office services.